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1964 Econoline

1964 Econoline

Owner-proved by three years of use, the Ford Econoline Van has become the most popular closed -body truck sold anywhere! Some reasons why businessmen buy more Econolines than any other van or panel are:

MORE LOADSPACE - The Econoline Vans provide 204 cu. Ft. of lockable, weather-protected loadspace . . . up to 56% more loadspace than in old-style ½-ton panels. What's more, you can load large objects such as appliances or 12-ft. lengths of pipe on Econoline's long, low, all-flat floor.

MORE DRIVING EASE - Driving and parking an Econoline Van is a pleasure rather than a chore. The Vans have a short 90-in. wheelbase and a turning diameter of only 34 ft. to provide outstanding maneuverability, Econoline's cab-forward design, big windshield and large side windows give control-tower visibility on any road.

MORE ECONOMY - The outstanding operating economy demonstrated by prior model Econoline Vans will be even better in 1964. The oil change interval is 6,000 miles or every 6 months*; lubrication schedules are extended to 6,000 miles or 6 months*, and brakes are the self -adjusting type with longer-life, thicker brake lining.

MORE WORKABILITY - Load and unload from any direction with 4-, 6- and 8-door models available. A new option package gives a full 1-ton payload capacity. Steel storage bins, shelves and drawers are available on special order.

MORE DURABILITY - All-welded, single-unit body-frame construction provides maximum strength with minimum weight, Galvanized main underbody members resist corrosion. Econoline's 6-cyIinder engines and heavy-duty clutches, transmissions, and axles are designed to give long years of satisfaction in rugged start-stop delivery work. Try an Econoline and you'll discover why the Econoline Vans are America's most popular closed-body trucks.
* Whichever occurs first

1964 Econoline Vans

Standard Van and Panel Van Features:

Custom Van and Panel Van Features:
(In addition to or in place of standard features)

Other Available Options:

Standard Colors:

A two-tone paint effect is available with Wimbledon White combined with any standard color except Chrome Yellow or Pure White

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
Econoline 6-door Regular Van 89A (E14) 44,059 2,565 $2,091
Econoline 6-door Custom/66 Deluxe Van 89A (E14) 2,741    
Econoline 9-window Display Van 89E (E14) 3,621    
Econoline 9-window Custom/66 Deluxe Display Van 89E (E14) 138    
Econoline 12-window Std. Van 89F (E14) 6,289    
Econoline 12-window Custom /66Deluxe Van 89F (E14) 812    
Econoline 8-door Std. Cargo Van 89G (E14) 1,495    
Econoline 8-door Custom /66 Deluxe Van 89G (E14) 215    
Econoline 4-door Standard Panel Van 89H (E15) 1,770 2,565 $2,037
Econoline 4-door Custom Panel Van 89H (E15) 90