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1967 Falcon

1967 Faclon Club Coupe

For 1967, the Falcon used the same body introduced in 1966, with only a few minor changes noted below:

The Futura had the top trim levels and include all of the standard Falcon features, plus a cigarette lighter; arm rest and ash trays on all doors; chrome horn ring; and special Futura emblems and mouldings. The Sports Coupe was available with bucket seats.

New Falcon: More Luxurious for '67. If it didn't cost so little, save so much and park so neatly, you might call It a short limousine.

In 1967, Falcon scats ahead of it's field with a smoother, quieter, more stable ride . . . new interior luxury . . . dual brake system. . . Standard Ford Motor Company Lifeguard-Design Safely Features... famous Twice-a-Year Maintenance, and much more.

There is an exciting array of new Falcon options, SelectShift Cruse-O-Matic is one. This fully automatic transmission lets you shift manually when you want to. New Stereo-Sonic Tape System can make any Falcon * concert hall. Your choice of two 289-cu. in. V-8's (up to 225 hp) . . . power front disc brakes . . . stylish vinyl roof option . . . built-in heater and air conditioner . . . exclusive, long-life Radial Ply Tires . . . plus many more.

Some things remain typically Falcon (and we wouldn't change them for the world)! Such things as Falcon's well known gas savings, low upkeep, and very low price tag. Typical, too, are the quick, easy handling and "painless parking." Wrap these all up in sweet, smooth styling and you have Falcon '67. Whether you call it a short limousine or simply a lot of car, you'll want to test-drive this newest Falcon soon.

Models Available:

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.