President’s Message

President of FCA

(December 2017)

What’s that noise? Can you hear those bells? Oh my, how time doth fly when we’re enjoying Falcon fun! It will be that night before Christmas before we know it and we still have yet to put lights and sleigh bells on these Falcons. I’m dreaming of a beautiful Christmas Day to fly my Falcon about town for a few special deliveries, then all will get tucked away for the cold, Midwestern winter. Hopefully, many of our birds will be getting some well-deserved TLC over the season. Some of you may have already parked and covered your Falcons in their nests.
It’s December, the time for giving and thinking of others. Get out there and “shop ‘til you drop,” then eat way too much at your holiday gatherings. Don’t forget your families, friends and maybe even some you don’t know. Send a card of thanks to one of our troops still overseas; I’m sure they would appreciate it and love to hear from you.
This is also a time of the year to be thankful. Therefore, thanks again to the River City and Sonoma County Falcons Chapters and other contributors for all the work they put in on the 2017 National in Sacramento, California. Thanks again also to all the chapters that hosted Regionals in 2017. As always many genuine thanks to our FCA Store gals for all their hard work each and every year. Thanks to all our FCA officers and their families for keeping us all organized. We all enjoy the FCA camaraderie.
I highly recommend you start planning that trip to attend next years 2018 Nationals in Wichita, Kansas. Check out what’s up with the 2018 Nationals on both the FCA website at and the Wheat State Falcons Chapter website, Take a look at what the south central Kansas area has to offer, then take some time and send us your suggestions. Remember the earlier you send the hosting chapters your event registration and make your hotel reservations, the better they can plan and fund the events for us all to enjoy. Contributions by other chapters also go a long way in helping with the success of a National event, too.
I encourage you to check out the Technical Articles and other club documents that are now available online at, as more have been added by our experienced contributing authors. Our Internet Team has done another fabulous job this year for all of us; please remember to thank them when you see them!
Hopefully you all will get a chance to review the 2017 Nationals winners’ pictures included in this issue. We had a great assortment of very interesting cars to choose from this year! Thank you to all the members who made the extra effort to make out to Sacramento, California
Take those kids to car shows and help them when you can to get into a Falcon of their own! Maybe for those who have been extra good, you could gift them a “Christmas Falcon” or that much needed part they’ve been needing.
Take care and may God bless us each and every one. Enjoy the 2017 Christmas Season with your Family, Friends, and Falcons. Have a wonderful time cruisin’ in those fabulous Falcons as your local weather permits!
—Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)
Peck, Kansas