President’s Message

President of FCA

(March 2017)

Father Time versus Mother Nature? Was that pesky Ground Hog right? Is there another month of winter or will there be an early start to spring? In the Midwest we get used to the challenges of late winter, but love it when an early spring surprises us. We’re eagerly anticipating spring warmup so we can all get out, stretch, and do some window or top-down cruising again. Many FCA members are already trying to determine where and when the first car shows of 2017 will take place…and how to get away to participate!

One of the best things about those early springtime months can be warm garage meets or special chapter projects. These are both great opportunities for our FCA folks to get out and participate in some fun with those fantastic Ford cars and trucks we all love so much. Fellowship is one of the best rewards for us all and our club needs to continue to reach out to those who haven’t heard of the FCA and all of the wonderful benefits of membership.

I would again like to challenge each FCA member to encourage someone new to join our ranks in 2017. Our national FCA Club and local chapters can all benefit from fresh ideas and new members this year, so again my President’s challenge is issued to all of you. Hunt them down, seek them out, and bring them into our flock!

If you haven’t already started preparing your ride for a run to a FCA Regional or this year’s National Meet, you really better get busy. This year’s National will take place in Sacramento, California, hosted mainly by our River City and Sonoma County Chapters. I recommend making a list of things to take along. Additionally, put together a list of things to do or places to see along the way. I always make a wish list of things to pick up from our vendors or from Falcon friends in the swap area. Migrating in a “flock of Falcons” can be exciting too. Participation and the making of new friends is at least half the fun at our events.

The primary event hotel, the Lions Gate, has already been fully booked unless cancellations occur. The additional hotel, the Crowne Plaza, is now booking rooms for our event. It is a very nice facility that is only about five minutes away from the Lions Gate facility. Call 877-504-0054 for the Crowne Plaza, mention Falcon Club of America for our rate.

Early registration for the event and early reservations made with the hotels will assist the sponsoring chapters with advance funding for event reservations and extra clout with the event hotel management.
Our FCA Club Store will have many new shirts, trinkets, and hats. If you have suggestions for new items, please tell us now so we can check them out in time for our gathering.

Hope we all have a mild spring and have fun working safely on those Falcon and Ranchero projects. Hope to see you in Sacramento too! Take care and Falcon on!

-Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)
Peck, Kansas