President’s Message

President of FCA

(May 2017)

Spring is in full bloom again. Hope all of you are taking full advantage of extended daylight hours and better temps to get out to play with and show off our Falcons. By the time you receive this, I will have already been to a spring regional and several local car shows and I’m betting many of you have too. Our Falcons are soaring again! I trust you used the long winter months to get your Falcons all dressed up, ready to show, and shine alongside the best in your area. I just wish I had gotten more done on mine!

Spring and summer are the best times for chapters to get out and look around our local areas for new Falcons as well as prospective new members. Invite folks to participate in some local fun with our great Ford cars, trucks and vans. Use those FCA cards to introduce yourself and share your personal club experiences as a positive recruiting tool. Take along a recent TNFN magazine to show and share as well.

 May will be a busy month for us all with lots of non-Falcon stuff happening. Don’t forget Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and all those graduations that are coming up. The Virginia Chapter is looking for a good group at its first spring regional this month in the Norfolk, Virginia area. I hope the Bon Temps Chapter had a good turnout for their April regional in the Baton Rouge area.

Our FCA Club Store has already placed orders for a lot of nice items and in varying popular colors for the Nationals. We are trying again to come up with a great assortment of FCA clothing and in various sizes. Unless we hear specifics from you, we base our choices on previous sales and order a preset number of items in various sizes. We continue to ask for your feedback so we can bring the items you will want to buy.

Speaking of Nationals, don’t delay in getting your event registration in for our Meet in Sacramento, California soon. The host hotel is sold out already, but a second hotel has rooms nearby. It definitely looks like it will be a big show and July is nearly here.

I want to also announce that a new specialty trophy was proposed and funded by one of our long time member families in honor of Roy Sword. The FCA Board has approved of this award. It is called the Roy Sword Founders Award and will be awarded to a car that the Sword family members feel Roy himself would have chosen from the entire show field. 

I encourage members to include kids in your plans to attend a car shows. It’s an honor of our FCA heritage to share your Falcon interests with others. Watch for those who are checking your car out; it is a perfect opening. You may not think your car is the perfect “show” car, but when folks ask, it is your opportunity to show and share your Falcon. Those lookers just might become our newest members.

Take care and may God bless us one and all. Hope you get those birds out flyin’ safely down our highways again. Enjoy those spring cruises and shows. 

-Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)
Peck, Kansas