President’s Message

President of FCA

(October 2017)

Please give the Northeast, Mid America, and Tennessee Valley Chapter folks a hearty round of applause for putting on their Regionals in Sturbridge, Massachusetts this past August, in Overland Park, Kansas and in Sevierville, Tennessee this past September. I trust that everyone who was able to attend these events had a great time. For any of our members who have never had a hand in pulling together an FCA Regional or a National Meet, you really might be surprised at just how much effort and detail goes into them.

I am highly recommending one and all to plan to attend next year’s 2018 FCA National in Wichita, Kansas. The event is being held at the Marriott Wichita (East) which is really very nicely suited for our purposes. Check out the 2018 Nationals at and the Wheat State Chapter website. On page 29 of this month’s magazine, you can find highlighted events and places to see while you are in the Wichita area. Please submit any helpful suggestions to our team as we continue to plan for next year’s event. As always, I strongly encourage you make your hotel reservations early. Remember you can now conveniently register through our secure website ( You can pay via Paypal if you wish.

I again would like to point out the need for our local Chapters to keep in contact with their respective Regional Directors. These guys are volunteering their time and effort to assist you with just about anything you ask of them. They need to be kept informed of what is going on locally, such as when chapters elect new officers. Regional Directors need current membership rosters once a year, preferably in January and February, so they can update their reports on each chapter’s status. These folks also help coordinate which chapters in each region are planning and putting on events, as this will minimize any potential schedule conflicts. The Regional Directors are there for the local chapters’ benefit and represent your voice to myself and the FCA Board of Directors year-round. Remembering to thank them occasionally for doing this important volunteer work never hurts either.

Hope all of you have a great fall car show season. Get out there and show off those great Falcons! Make some new friends, find some new Falcons in your area, and generate interest and excitement for others to find their own Falcons. Spread the love for our great cars and friendly club!

By the way—and just food for thought—there is a lot of fun to be had if you are considering planning on a Falcon Migration into Wichita for next summer’s National Meet. Think about it, do some pre-planning and let other FCA members know so you can coordinate your plans.

Remember to not only take the kids and grandkids to car shows, but also help them when you can, should they desire to get into a Falcon of their own. Remember even if you don’t show your Falcon in car shows on a regular basis, they still draw lots of attention just about anywhere you drive them on any given occasion.

Take care! God bless us one and all! Have a great fall in those fabulous Falcons! Make plans to have a great Holiday season this year too!

—Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)

Peck, Kansas