President’s Message

President of FCA

(Feb 2017)

Many of our beloved Falcons are now stored away during the chilly hold of yet another winter. I hope we’ve all been able to get around and have some fun with our local FCA chapter friends, eat some winter chili or participate in some other winter favorite pastimes. Hey, we had best also remember to be extra sweet this month toward our significant others. Maybe a well deserved special treat is in order for putting up with us. 

In my home chapter our favorite slogan is “If you feed us, we will come.” I don’t think that idea is too different from many other chapters. Many do winter garage meets (with food of course) or even chapter projects for members who may not be able to take on a major project of their own. I think this is one of the greatest things we as a club can do for someone, whether an FCA member or not. If your local chapter performs a special project, it would make a great story to send to Janet for our magazine. Please take some good photos, write a brief story, and submit it to

It is never too early to start thinking about prepping your ride for a run to a Regional or the National Meet later this year. Make a list of things to take and things to do or see on the way. Or, make a wish list of things to be on the lookout for in the swap area. Find out what other chapter members might be interested in cruisin’ together. Migrating as a flock can be a fun way to go to these events, especially if the cars have two-way radios; just beware of karaoke singers!

If you have any specific ideas for items you might like to see in the FCA store at this year’s Nationals, please let the store ladies know early enough for them to consider your request.
Please keep in mind that we have to place orders months in advance for our inventory to be produced and delivered.

Speaking of the Nationals, I strongly encourage early registration. At this time of writing, The Lions Gate Hotel currently has no vacancies for the 2017 Meet. This condition could change due to cancellations. However, hotel rooms are still available at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Personally I strongly recommend dialing the hotel number directly for reservations. These early actions assist the chapters sponsoring these events with funding through event reservations and give us extra clout with the event hotel management. If you have not yet done so, please check out the 2017 Nationals website, take a look at what California and the Sacramento area have to offer. 

I would again like to mention the new advertisement business card size ads we are offering in our magazine and request that you mention it around to your local vendors. Remember too that donations by our members and chapters are always very helpful to those hosting our regional and national events. For that I say thank you to each and every one of you!

Stay safe as we all look forward to a warm spring and have fun working on your projects as your weather permits. For those who can, enjoy a late winter cruise in your Falcons. Always remember to include youngsters in your plans for a car show or two this year. Be willing to lend a hand to help them get into a Falcon of their own.

-Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)
Peck, Kansas