President’s Message

President of FCA

(June 2017)

Spring weather started a little earlier this year due to a fairly mild winter, but with this issue, it’s time to head right into summer. It’s time to take real advantage of those extended daylight hours and much warmer temperatures and get out and play with those great Falcons. Many chapters have already had their local car shows. Our infamous Falcons are again soaring through our parks and down our boulevards. After all those winter months sprucing up your Falcons, it’s time to show them off at your local meets.

Since summer is upon us, it’s time for our local chapter members to actively fly around and be on the lookout for new Falcons and prospective new members. Invite folks to join in your local events and experience our great people along with our great Ford cars, trucks and vans. Good fellowship is unbeatable and a great way of recruiting too. Don’t forget to hand out your FCA business cards, tell them about our website, and even pass along older copies of our FCA magazines. Check with your local FCA members for any extra copies which could be donated for this purpose.

Just a quick note about our electronic age. Please keep in mind when you use electronic communications that just because you send something does not always insure that it gets to everyone you sent it to. Also, keep in mind that all our officers try to handle and respond to messages in a timely manner. They are all volunteers, or only part time paid help, which means it may take a little while before you get a response.

Plans for Falcons migrating to this summer’s Nationals in Sacramento have been made and announced. Kudos go to those brave Falconers from the East Coast migrating once again to the West Coast. Please be careful and safe in your travels! Group traveling in caravans to Nationals or to regional events can be lots of fun and can also build a true sense of family among FCA members. I highly recommend participation whenever possible. It renews old acquaintances and often leads to making new lifelong friends. It ensures safety in numbers during travel and other members are available to lend a helping hand if a problem should arise on the way.

Speaking of the Sacramento Nationals, time is running short, so be sure to get your registration for the meet made ASAP. A second, nearby hotel has been added to accommodate additional reservations that come in. 

Hopefully the Virginia Chapter had great weather and a good turnout in the Norfolk area for their first ever Regional in May. Thanks for all the time and effort you all put in to get it done.

Take care and remember that each day is definitely a “gift from above.” May God bless us, one and all. Hope you’ve had a beautiful spring and are enjoying a good transition into the summer of 2017. Enjoy flyin’ those birds safely down our highways again.

-Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)
Peck, Kansas