President’s Message

President of FCA

(February 2018)

While most of our favorite Falcons have been stored away during the worst of yet another winter, hopefully you’ve all been able to get around and have some fun with your local FCA chapter friends. And I hope you were also able to share some winter food favorites, too. You best remember to be extra sweet this month toward your significant others. A special treat for putting up with us and our toys is surely in order.
I know in my home Wheat State chapter our motto could be “if you feed us, we will come.” So many of our chapters have winter garage meets or chapter projects for members who may not be able to take on their own major projects. This is one of the greatest things we as a club can do for someone, whether they are an FCA member or not. If your local chapter does take on a special project, take some good photos, write a brief story, and submit it to Janet for our magazine. Others would enjoy seeing what you have done.
It is never too early to start thinking about prepping your ride for a run to an upcoming  Regional or for our National Meet later this year. Have you thought of any ideas specific to your trip? Have you made a list of things to take and things to do or see on the way? Do you have a wish list of things to be on the lookout for in the swap area? As a chapter, have you asked who is interested in going and if cruisin’ together would work for each of your schedules? Migrating as a flock can be a fun way to go to these events, especially if the cars have two-way radios allowing you to keep in touch.
If you have any specific ideas for items you might like to see in the FCA store at this year’s Nationals, please let our store ladies know and they will consider your request. Please keep in mind that we have to place orders months in advance for our inventory to be produced and delivered in time for these events.
Speaking of the Nationals, I strongly encourage early registration for the Meet and early reservations with the hotel. Personally I strongly recommend dialing the hotel number directly for reservations. Both of these early actions assist the chapters sponsoring these events with funding through event reservations and clout with the event hotel management. If you have not yet done so, please check out the 2018 Nationals website, take a look at what the Kansas and Wichita areas have to offer. There’s also a couple of places highlighted on page 29 of this issue. Remember that this year, if you choose, you can complete
your National Meet registration entirely through our website.
I would also like to mention that donations by our members and chapters are always very helpful to those hosting our Regional and National events. For that, I wish to say thank you to each and every one of you.
Here’s looking forward to a great springtime. And until then, have fun working on those projects as your weather permits. For those who can, enjoy a late winter cruise in your Falcon. Always remember to include youngsters in your plans to attend a car show and also be willing to lend a hand to help them get into a Falcon of their own!
Cliff McKay (FCA #7987)
Peck, Kansas