Start A New Chapter


Contact Chapter Coordinator, with your request to start a new chapter. The coordinator will contact your area Regional Director for review. If favorable, you will receive a new chapter package.

After receiving your package, the next steps are:

  • Review the documents received.
  • Identify four (4) other members of the FCA in your area who are also interested in forming a chapter.
  • After consulting with your Regional Director, determine the general area you would like this chapter to cover, and select a chapter name.
  • When you feel your group is ready, fill out the application form and return to the Chapter Coordinator, who will submit it to the FCA President and Board for approval.

The approval process normally takes 3 to 4 weeks.

Several things you might find helpful:

  • Contact your FCA Regional Director.
  • Send a note to the FCA Editor about your interest in forming a Chapter for publication in a future edition of the magazine See example of notice in the packet of information.
  • Send a copy of your notice to the FCA Internet Director for posting on the FCA web site.
  • Review the current FCA Membership Directory for the names and addresses of other FCA members in your new chapter’s area whom you may contact.
  • Possibly, put a small ad in the local classified section of your local newspaper under old cars and/or car parts to help attract members.
  • Pass out the “DID YOU KNOW” cards at car shows, or anytime you spot a Falcon. Add your group’s meeting time and location on the back of the card, and/or a name/phone # as a contact.
  • Chapters wishing to design patches, logos, letterhead or other artwork identifying FCA affiliation must submit a sample of exact artwork for approval by the Board of Directors.