1970 ½ Sedan

1970 1/2 Falcon

70 1/2 Spec

A “new” Falcon model was introduced based on the Fairlane 500. These last Falcons are referred to as 1970 ½ Falcons due to their mid year introduction. They were produced for six months.

New Falcon 70½
Bigger and stronger to help you save in comfort

Meet Falcon 70½ . . . newest Ford that puts economy ahead of all but comfort and good looks. America’s all-time economy champ has added inches where they do the most good. It is now nearly two feet longer and three inches wider. Six full-sized adults have all the hip, shoulder, leg room they need. And the new 70½ Falcon Wagon gives you B5.2 cubic leer of cargo space.

Note the crisp, perfectly proportioned lines of the beautiful 2-Door Sedan and 4-Door Wagon you see here. Dramatic, contemporary styling without equal at a compact price.

Underneath, rnonocoque construction provides a stronger, more durable body unit—like that used by modern aircraft. Fashion-right interiors feature foam-padded, easy-care, long-wear all-vinyl seats. A Locking Steering Column and new Uni-Lock Harness (that buckles shoulder and lap belts with one connection) are standard.

Falcon 70½ moves nimbly quietly, with a remarkably smooth, road-leveling ride, easy handling, superb parkability. A hard-muscled money-saving 250-cu. in. Six and fully synchronized 3-speed manual transmission are standard. So are Ford Motor Company Life-guard Design Safety Features, and Twice-a-Year Maintenance features which keep operating costs Falcon-low. Options include six V-8″s (four for Wagon) up to 429 cubic inches.

Falcon 70½ adds up to economy that never looked or felt so good. Test-drive one soon at your Ford Dealer’s and prove it to yourself.

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
2-Door Sedan 62A 26,071 3200 2479
4-Door Sedan 54A 30,433 3116 2500
4-Door Station Wagon 71D 10,539 3225 2856

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.