1967 Station Wagon

1967 Falcon Station Wagon

2 Falcon Wagons –
Futura – Falcon

Economy never looked so good! Falcon’s magic blend of luxurious looks, sensible size and sizeable savings puts a wagon within reach of even the most economy-minded, These two Falcon wagons are big inside. Over 85 cu. ft. of cargo space when the second seat’s folded down. Or, with this seat up, you can seat six comfortably and still have generous toting room behind. Falcon’s long wheelbase (113 inches) and wide-spaced wheels (58 inches) provide excellent road-holding and smooth riding. And the standard 200-cu. in. Six engine is combined with Synchro-Smooth Drive (fully synchronized 3-speed manual) to let you downshift under way without gear clash.

Handsomely pleated all-vinyl upholstery for Futura wagons is available in four color choices, or the three color-keyed, all-vinyl upholstery choices for Falcon wagons, Easy-as-pie to handle, the Falcon second seat folds flush in a jiffy.

Especially appealing about Falcon wagons is the number of features they share with the bigger wagons in the Ford line. A dual braking system, for instance. Padding on the steering wheel hub and around the windshield, in addition to the dash and sun visors. An outside mirror and a day/night inside mirror. Cushioned arm rests. Seat belts with front retractors. Lane-change turn signals. All these—and a iot more (see page 14)—are standard on Falcon wagons.

Falcon wagon options include two 289-cu. in. V-8’s and the SelectSMft Cruise-0-Matic which operates both as a manual, if you want to shift, and an automatic when you don’t. Ford’s Magic Doorgate which swings open for people and down for cargo is a top-demand option. Power disc front brakes, designed for cooler running (even after repeated hard braking}, are less affected by water. You can choose SelectAire Conditioning and a Stereo-Sonic Tape System. See the ’67 Falcon Wagon, The savings and satisfaction may be just what you’re looking for.


  • Wheelbase-113″
  • Overall Length-198.7″
  • Cargo Volume-85.1 cu. ft.
  • Standard Power Team—200-cu. in. Fairlane Six
  • Synchro-Smooth Drive (fully synchronized 3-speed manual trans.)
  • Featured Options -2 289-cu, in. V-8’s (200 and 225 hp)
  • SelectShift Cruise-O-Matic
  • Magic Doorgate
  • Power Doorgate Window
  • Luggage Rack.

Falcon 4-Door Wagon:

  • Power Team-200-cu. in. Fairlane Six and Synchro-Smooth Drive
  • Choice of 15 New Super Diamond Lustre Enamel Colors: 3 All-Vinyl Interior Trim
  • Full-Width Seats with Foam-padded Cushions
  • Front Arm Rest, Ash Tray
  • Hearer-Defroster*
  • Courtesy Lighting
  • Roll-Down Tailgate Window
  • Suspended Accelerator Pedal
  • Step-On Parking Brake
  • Black Vinyl-Rubber Floor and Cargo Area Mats
  • Reversible Keys, “Keyless” Locking
  • Curved Side Glass
  • Ford’s famous Twice-a-Year Maintenance
  • Plus all Ford Lifetime-Design Safety Features

Futura Wagon:

  • Power Team – 200-cu. in. Fairlane Six and Synchro-Smooth Drive
  • Plus all the equipment with these variations: Choice of 4 Pleated All-Vinyl Interior Trims
  • Rear Arm Rest, Rear Ash Tray
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Color-Keyed Carpeting
  • Color-Keyed Vinyl-Rubber Cargo Area Mat.
Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
Falcon 4-Door Station Wagon 71A 5,553
Futura 4-Door Station Wagon 71B 4,552

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.