1967 Econoline

1967 Econoline

1967 Econoline Super Van

Want big loadspace plus top maneuverability? Just one place to turn: Ford SuperVan! Feature for feature, no other van has so much going for it – so many pluses going for you!

Space: A full foot and a half longer than standard vans. Fords SuperVan adds more cargo-hauling, profit-boosting space to every trip you make.

Maneuverability; In, out and around! With a 90-inch wheelbase, SuperVan boasts a tight 37-foot turning diameter-turn in the same circle as smaller capacity vans.

Accessibility: Doors! Up to eight of them let you load and unload fast.

Power: Choice of 170-cu. in. Six or, for those heavy cargo jobs, an optional 240-cu. in. Six. Both available with manual or automatic transmission.

Add’em up: Space, maneuverability, accessibility, power — they total new economy, new and better service for your customers. And remember, the SuperVan is just one of a series of three great Econoline Van, still the most popular compact truck in America and still the all-around delivery champ.

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
Econoline 6-door Standard Van 89A (E14) 21,107
Econoline 6-door Custom/Deluxe Van 89A (E14) 327
Econoline 9-window Standard Display Van 89E (E14) 3,249
Econoline 9-window Custom/Deluxe Display Van 89E (E14) 299
Econoline 12-window Standard Van 89F(E14) 3,752
Econoline 12-window Custom/Deluxe Van 89F(E14) 268
Econoline 8-door Standard Cargo Van 89G (E14) 492
Econoline 8-door Custom/Deluxe Cargo Van 89G (E14) 23
Econoline 4-door Standard Van 89H (E15) 618
Econoline 4-door Custom/Deluxe Van 89H (E15) 24
Econoline 6-door Extended Regular Van 89J (E16) 23,009
Econoline 6-door Extended Regular Custom/Deluxe 89J (E16) 1,027
Econoline 9-window Extended Standard Display Van 89M (E16) 357
Econoline 9-window Extended Custom/Deluxe Display Van 89M (E16) 41
Econoline 12-window Extended Standard Window Van 89N (E16) 3,434
Econoline 12-window Extended Custom/Deluxe Window Van 89N (E16) 563
Econoline 8-door Extended Standard Cargo Van 89R (E16) 821
Econoline 8-door Extended Custom/Deluxe Cargo Van 89R (E16) 100
Econoline 4-door Extended Standard Panel Van 89S (E17) 431
Econoline 4-door Extended Regular Custom/Deluxe Panel Van 89S (E17) 42

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.