1967 Club Wagon

1967 Deluxe Club Wagon

3 Extra-Duty Falcon Wagons-
Deluxe Club Wagon• Custom Club Wagon-Club Wagon

Looking for an ideal outdoor vacation wagon? Or one that will help you on the job and go on vacation with you? Falcon Club Wagons do all this and more. These versatile wagons give you 194 cu. ft. of cargo space. Plenty of room for tents, sleeping bags, fishing tackle . .. the works! And if you want more, Falcon Club Wagons come with an Extended Body Option (shown on the Deluxe Club Wagon) that handles a whopping 242 cu. ft. of cargo.

Out on the open road it’s hard to beat a Falcon Club Wagon. It’s comfortable, easy to handle and lots of fun to drive. There’s a picture-window front view for the driver and full-circle visibility for the passengers. Front and second row seats are standard, third row seats optional to boost seating capacity up to a total of eight.

These wagons with their trim 90-inch wheelbase slip through tight spots, Six big, wide doors permit easy unloading and reloading. And a handy side step retracts automatically when doors close.

When you want a roomy wagon think of Falcon Club Wagons. Think of the economical 170-cu. in. Falcon Six . . . standard on all Club Wagons. For extra power there’s the 240-cu. in. Big Six, no slouch on economy either, And think of the standard Synchro-Smooth Drive . . . fully synchronized in all three forward gears. New this year is the optional SelectShift Cruise-0-Matic. It shifts automatically, or you can shift it manually for greater control on hills or while trailering.

But the best thing to think about is the money you’ll save. Save when you buy with Falcon’s low price and keep on saving with Ford’s Twice-a-Year Maintenance, service-saving features and operating economy.


  • Wheelbase-90″
  • Overall Length-167.5″ (185.5″ Extended Body Option)
  • Cargo Volume-194 cu. ft. (242 cu. ft. Extended Body Option)
  • Power Team-170-cu. in. Falcon Six with Synchro-Smooth Drive (fully synchronized 3-speed manual trans.)

Featured Options

  • 240 cu. in. Big Six
  • SelectShift Cruise-0-Matic
  • Tinted glass all around
  • Third passenger seat
Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
Falcon 12-window Club Wagon 89B (E11) 4,233
Falcon 12-window Extended Club Wagon 89K (E11) 2,287
Falcon 12-window Custom Club Wagon 89C (E12) 1,538
Falcon 12-window Extended Custom Club Wagon 89T (E12) 2,063
Falcon 12-window Deluxe Club Wagon 89D (E13) 741
Falcon 12-window Extended Deluxe Club Wagon 89L (E13) 1,261

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.