1964 Futura

1964 Falcon Futura Hard Top

1964 Futura Conv

1964 Falcon Futura

Good news for compact hardtop and convertible fans comes in packages marked “Falcon Futura.” Sports Coupe and Sports Convertible with bucket seats, Futura Hardtop and Futura Convertible with full-width seats, as you please. They’ll pamper you with leather-soft vinyl trim (10 color-keyed choices), full carpeting, Thunderbird “floating” mirror, courtesy-lighted interior . . . all the luxuries. Convertible tops are power-operated for ease; 5-ply design for durability; anchored at each roof bow for a sleek profile under way. True to the Falcon formula, Futura Hardtops and Convertibles have their thrifty, practical side, too. The Falcon Six (in hardtops) is a famous gas-saver. It set the all-time Mobil Economy Run record for 6’s or 8’s in 1961. The 170 Special Six (std. in convertibles; opt. in hardtops) packs a heftier power punch, is second in gas savings only to the Falcon Six. Add in Ford’s renowned Twice-a-Year (or 6,000-mile) Maintenance features – every one from 36,000 miles or 3 years between major chassis lubes to self-adjusting brakes – and you can see how these Futuras can put a lot more fun in your kind of driving.


  • 101-hp 170 Special Six (Convertibles), 85-hp Falcon Six (Hardtops)
  • 3-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Bucket Front Seats and Console (Sports models)
  • “Bucket-Styled” Full-Width Seats, Front (Futuras) and Rear (all models)
  • 12 Colors of Diamond Lustre Enamel
  • Power Top (Convertibles) in Black, White, Blue
  • Color-Keyed 2-Spoke Safety-type Steering Wheel with Chrome Horn Ring
  • Twice-a-Year (or 6,000-mile) Maintenance Features.


  • Black or White Vinyl Roof Covering (Hardtops)
  • 116-hp 200 Special Six or 164-hp Challenger 26O V-8
  • Power Steering
  • Deluxe or ‘Wire-Style Wheel Covers
  • Rocker Panel Moldings
  • Fordomatic Drive (except with 85-hp Six)
  • Ford Air Conditioner†
  • Radio
  • Electric Clock
  • Padded Instrument Panel
  • Seat Belts*
  • Heater-Defroster*
  • Tonneau Cover (Convertibles).


  • Length 181.6″
  • Width 71.6″
  • Height – Hardtops 53.2, Convertibles – 53.8
  • Wheelbase 109.5″
  • Weight (approx.) – Hardtops 2625 lb., Convertibles 2820 lb.
  • Trunk Luggage Volume – Hardtops 12.2 cu. ft. – Convertibles 9.1 cu. ft.

† = Unavailable with 4-Speed transmission
* = Installed in production, if deleted, appropriate price reduction is made.

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
2 Door Hardtop Futura (bench) 63B 3,2608
4 Door Sedan Futura (bench) 54B 3,8032 $2,176
2 Door Sedan Futura (bench) 62B 1,6621
2 Door Hardtop Futura -Bucket Seats and Console 63B 212 2,375 $2,375
2-Door Hardtop Futura (bench) 63C 8,322
2-Door Hardtop Futura -Bucket Seat – No console 63H 285
Convertible Futura 6 cyl. (bucket) 76B 298
Convertible Futura V-8 (bucket) 76D
Convertible Futura V-8 (bench) 76E 13,220 2,710 $2,481

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.