1964 Sedan

1964 Falcon Tudor Sedan

The economy that made Falcon famous…plus new style, new comfort and the plushest ride ever built into a compact car!

Falcon retains the famous 6-cylinder engine that holds the all-time Mobil Economy Run record for 6’s or 8’s. All of Ford’s famous service-saving features are built into the ’64 Falcon, too. But everything else is changed.

The new styling needs no explanation – it speaks volumes for itself. In the driver’s seat, you’ll find new comfort and convenience; the seat, steering wheel and controls have been repositioned to give you a roomier feeling.

The smoothness of the ’64 Falcon’s new ride is something you’ll have to feel to fully appreciate. Refinements in front and rear suspension, a wider rear tread . . . these plus other changes give the Falcon ride a quiet, solid smoothness no compact ever had before.

Variety? There are 17 new Falcon models. Spirit? The husky, hustling 164-hp Challenger 260 V-8* leads a line-up of five engines, four transmissions. Price? Still pure Falcon. Samples? See your Ford Dealer for a test drive. Get reacquainted with Falcon today! Try Total Performance For a Change!


  • 85-hp Falcon Six
  • 3-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Full-Width, 3-Passinger Seats Front and Rear
  • Color and Upholstery Choices: 10 Colors of Diamond Lustre Enamel, Beige Cloth-Vinyl Trim
  • Foam-Padded Front Seat Cushion, Vinyl-Rubber Floor Mats, Float Arm Rest and Ash Tray
  • Dual Visors
  • Ford’s Twice-a-Year (or 6,000-mile) Maintenance Features.

(Available in addition to above, at moderate extra cost)

  • Distinctive Body Trim, Bright Drip Moldings, Hood Ornament
  • Choice of Beige, Red or Blue Cloth/Vinyl Trims
  • Color-Keyed Floor Mats
  • Rear Arm Rests and Ash Tray
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Courtesy-Lighted Interior


  • Length 181.6″
  • Width 71.6″
  • Height 54.5″
  • Wheelbase 109.5″
  •  Curb Weight (approx.) -2-Door 2475 lb., 4-Door 2510 lb.
  • Trunk Luggage Volume— 12.2 cu. ft.
Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
2-Door Sedan (bench) 62A 3,6441 2,365 $1,996
4-Door Sedan  (bench) 54A 2,7722 2,400 $2,058
2-Door Sedan Deluxe (bench) 62D 2,8411 2380 $2,039
4-Door Sedan Deluxe 54D 2,6532 2420 $2,101

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.