1963 Station Wagon

1963 2 Door Falcon Station Wagon

Falcon 2-Door Wagon in Rangoon Reel. Falcon’s lowest-priced wagon totes over 76 cu. ft. of cargo. Saves a bundle, too, with Falcon’s built-in economy features. 4-Door Wagon 8234-1 * 2-Door Wagon S2298 *

Ever stopped to figure out just what it is about Falcon wagons that puts them so far ahead of the compact pack in popularity?

You might consider looks. Falcon wagons have the happy knack of looking as if they belonged. Squiring the kids around town, parked off the trail by a campfire or trout stream, hub deep in mud or sand doing the chores, or spruced up for a night on the town . . . they fit right in. That’s important.

Economy counts, too. And Falcon takes a back seat to nobody on that score. Well-recognized as economy champs, Falcons this year are better than ever, with the addition of Ford’s famous Twice-a-Year Maintenance that lets you go 6,000 miles between service stops . . . 36,000 miles between major chassis lubes . . . 6,000 miles between oil changes and minor lubrications . . . and coolant-antifreeze lasts 36,000 miles or two years.

And how do they rate for roominess? Judge for yourself: Flip down the second seat and you’ve a level loadspace over 7 feet long; open the tailgate and you have almost 9 feet. It’s just shy of 5 feet wide inside. Of course, with that second seat up you seat six simply. All this in a compact wagon.

Conveniences? Falcon has ’em by the bushel. Foam-cushioned seats arc standard, front and rear. The second seat folds down in a jiffy. The rear window rolls down. The tailgate is counterbalanced. The spare tire is handy to get at. Two Sixes and the new 164-hp Challenger V-8 are offered to fit your power wants.

Handling? Falcon all the way. Silky. Quick, Responsive. Frisky. Downright fun to drive.

Variety? A grand total of eight to choose from. When all’s said and done, it’s little wonder is it, why Falcon leads the compact wagon train. Like to get on board?

Standard Wagon Interior is handsome Steerhead vinyl. It’s easy to clean and built to take abuse. Cargo area is protected with rugged vinyl-coated rubber.

1963 Falcon Station Wagon Interior

1963 4 Door Falcon Station Wagon

Falcon Deluxe 4-Door Wagon in Silver Moss, The handiness of four doors plus all that: Deluxe features listed below make this a hip; wagon favorite. Deluxe 4-Door Wagon $2427* Deluxe 2-Door Wagon $2384*

1963 Falcon Station Wagon Interior

Deluxe Interiors offer a choice of four trims—3 all-vinyl and one fabric-and-vinyl. Floor coverings are color-keyed to upholsteries for an added luxury touch.

1963 Falcon Station Wagon

Time was when luxury cost a pretty penny. But not this time. The Falcon Squire is a wagon that’s Falcon and through and through – but with a difference. Rich, simulates hard-wood paneling on the sides and rear puts the Squire at the head of the handsome set. Inside there’s color-keyed carpeting in the passenger area and color-keyed, vinyl-coated rubber decking back aft. A power tailgate window is standard equipment. And beneath this luxury is a wagonful of Falcon economy, beginning with a low purchase price, continuing with saving while you drive and ending with more dollars when you trade. It’s a low-priced way to go first class.

1963 Falcon Station Wagon Interior

Squire’s Optional Bucket Seat Interior with center console. Here’s a sporty way to add liveliness to an already lively wagon. They’re available in leather-grained vinyl in Black, Red, or Light Blue…$120.50

85-hp Falcon Six Engine
3-Speed Manual Transmission
Self-Adjusting Brakes
Full-Flow Oil Filter
36,000-Mile Fuel Filter
36,000-Mile or 2-Year Coolant-Antifreeze
Fully Aluminized Muffler
Galvanized Main Underbody Members
Bright-Metal Windshield and Roof Moldings
Parallel Action Electric Windshield Wipers
2 Horns, 2 Sun Visors, 2 Front Arm Rests
Foam-Cushioned Seats, Front and Rear
Color-Keyed Steering Wheel
Turn Signals
Fresh Air Heater-Defroster*
Roll-Down Tailgate Window
Vinyl-Coated Rubber Cargo Mat

Deluxe Body Trim and Side Moldings
Bright-Metal Side Window Frames
Front Fender Ornaments
Choice of 4 Interior Trims
Arm Rests and Ash Trays, Front and Rear
Cigarette Lighter
Chrome Horn Ring
Automatic Dome Light
Color-Keyed Floor and Cargo Mats

Over-all Length—189.0″
Over-all Width—70.6″
Over-all Height—54.9″
Curb Weight (approx.)—2-Door 2690 Ib.
4-Door 2727 Ib.
Cargo Capacity 76.2 cu. ft.

Raven Black, Corinthian White, Rangoon Red, Castilian Gold, Glacier Blue, Viking Blue, Oxford Blue, Ming Green. Silver Moss, Sandshell Beige, Heritage Burgundy.

* Heater is installed during production unless otherwise specified. If deleted, an appropriate price reduction is made
Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
2-Door Station Wagon 59A 7,332 2,580 $2,298
4-Door Station Wagon 71A 18,484 2,617 $2,341
Deluxe 2-Door Station Wagon 59B 4,269 2,586 $2,384
Deluxe 4-Door Station Wagon 71A 23,477 2,623 $2,427
Squire 4-Door Station Wagon 71B 6,808 2,639 $2,603
Squire 4-Door Station Wagon Deluxe -Bucket Seats 71D 1,461 $2,724

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.