1963 Futura Sedan

1963 Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan

Futura 2-Door Sedan in Rangoon Red. Lively combination of driving fun and a fund of savings. Just the ticket for folks who are after economy and a touch of Thunderbird style. 4-Door Sedan $2165 2-Door Sedan $2116

The Futura models occupy a “room at the top” in the ’63 Falcon line-up. These are the models that introduce luxury into the low-cost compact field. These are the models for those who want “something extra” and don’t want to pay a king’s ransom to get it.

Futura philosophy is simple and sensible. Start with the standard Falcon, year after year, America’s most popular compact.
Include all its advantages. Twice-a-Year Maintenance features, choice of three engines, there are 2 saving Sixes, and a new sassy V-8, roominess for six, catlike handling and smooth roadability. Then add the extra value, the extra comfort, the extra conveniences that make a Falcon a Futura. Presto, you’ve a luxury compact. And all the Futura plusses do more than just pamper you while you drive, they pay off nicely at trade-in time too. So don’t blame Futura owners if they brag a bit (or a lot).

Standard Equipment Highlights

  • Special Futura Moldings and Trim
  • Bright-Metal Side Window Frames
  • Choice of 5 Interior Trims
  • Foam-Cushioned Front Seats
  • Color-Keyed Carpet Front and Rear
  • Rear Arm Rests and Ash Tray
  • Futura Wheel Covers
  • Plus Standard Equipment and Deluxe Trim
  • Futura Basic Specifications are the same as Falcon Sedan

Futura Standard Interiors are pleadingly plush. There’s foam cushioning up front, carpeting, vinyl headlining, and a choice of 5 nylon and vinyl trims.

1963 Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan Interior

1963 Falcon Futura Tudor Sedan
1963 Falcon Fordor Futura

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
Futura 2-Door Sedan (bench) 62B 16,674 2,343 $2,116
Futura 4-Door Sedan (bench) 54B 31,746 2,345 $2,161
Futura 2-Door Sedan (bucket) 62C 10,344 $2,237

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.