1963 Futura Convertible

1963 Falcon Futura Convertible

Futura Convertible in Corinthian White. Soft-top lovers have been asking for this one—and here it is, brand-new for ’63. Neat-stowing automatic top opens new vistas of Falcon frolicking—and on a budget, to boot. $2470*

What else is new? Falcon convertibles, that’s what. And these are no “do-it-yourself” models, either. Tops are automatic, like convertible tops should be, and they snug down almost flat when folded. There’s a choice of 5 interiors upholstered in bright vinyl that laugh at weather and wear. The Futura Convertible, shown above, is for top-down fun at a down-to-earth price. The Futura Sports Convertible, below, is a bucket seat job with glamour galore. Falcon’s big 170 Six (101 hp) is standard on both; a Challenger V-8 is also available. What a lively way to live it up!

Standard Equipment Highlights

  • Choice of 5 All-Vinyl Interior Trims
  •  Bucket Front Seats with Center Console (std. on Sports Convertible only)
  •  Electric-Hydraulic Power-Operated Top
  •  3-Ply Vinyl-Coated Top in White, Blue or Black
  •  Safety-Yoke Door Locks
  •  “Floating” Rearview Mirror
  •  Plus Futura Features on preceding page

Basic Specifications

  • Over-all Length -181.1″
  •  Over-all Wirtth-70.6″
  •  Over-all Height -53.8″
  •  Wheelbase – 109.5″
  •  Curb Weight (approx.) – Conv. 2754 Ib. Sports Conv. 2792 Ib.; Sprint Conv. 3080 Ib.
  •  Trunk Volume-I8.7 cu. ft.

1963 Falcon Futura Convertible

Futura Sporty Convertible in Raven Black adds the allure of bucket front seats and center console. And of
course, it still offers all the Falcon saving graces and all the fine Futura features. What a combination! $2590.50*

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
Futura Convertible (bench) 76A 18,942 2,645 $2,470
Futura Convertible (bucket) 76B 12,250 $2,591

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.