1963 Sedan

1963 Falcon Sedan
Falcon 2-Door Sedan in Corinthian White

How do you improve on a car that’s already far and away America’s most popular compact? Like this: First, the fun-quota gets raised, with three new hardtops and three new convertibles added to the line. Next, Falcon-owning is made simpler and more economical by incorporating all the exclusive Twice-a-Year Maintenance features on the big Fords. Then, the roof design takes on a Thunderbird look. And with all this, the prices are still the same as last year. In fact, the Futura 2-Door Sedan is priced $116 below last year!

There are new ways to go a-Falconing this year, too. Nifty ways, like lounging in bucket seats, piloting with a 4-speed stick, and— hold onto your hat—stepping out with V-8 zoom. A heady new Challenger V-8**, 164-hp powerhouse, is now offered on any Falcon sedan or regular station wagon. You can imagine how perky this one is.

New ways to go a-saving, as well. Falcons now go 36,000 miles between major chassis lubrications and 6,000 miles between oil changes and minor lubes. Falcon coolant-antifreeze lasts 36,000 miles or two years. Brakes are self-adjusting. Only two maintenance stops a year for the average driver.

Of course, the savings start with the low price. And Falcon savings go on and on. The standard Falcon Six engine is positively allergic to gas stations, (And the optional Six and V-8 are wizards at stretching gas dollars, too.) Galvanized main underbody members and an aluminized muffler mean you can expect Falcons to last longer. Falcon boasts a barrel of room for six, bag and baggage. More savings: electric windshield wipers, foam-cushioned front seats and a fresh air heater-defroster are conveniences included in the original low price.

Falcon trunk totes most anything. It’s 23.7 cu. ft. big. Interior is covered with handsome, durable matting. The spare tire stows out of the way, but it’s easy to get at.

Parking and handling is a cinch with Falcon’s trim dimensions and turning radius. Responds so quickly and easily you’d think it was reading your mind.

1963 Falcon 4 Door Sedan
Falcon 4-Door Sedan in Oxford Blue with Deluxe Package

Standard Equipment Highlights:

  • 85-hp Falcon Six Engine
  • 3-Speed Manual Transmission
  • Self-Adjusting Brakes
  • Full-Flow Oil Filter
  • 36,000-Mile Fuel Filter
  • 36,000-Mile or 2-Year Coolant Antifreeze
  • Fully Aluminized Muffler
  • Galvanized Main Underbody Members
  • Bright-Metal Windshield and Rear Window Moldings
  • Parallel Action Electric Windshield Wipers
  • 2 Horns, 2 Sun Visors, 2 Front Arm Rests
  • White Vinyl Headlining
  • Foam-Cushioned Front Seat
  • Color-Keyed Steering Wheel
  • Turn Signals
  • Fresh Air Heater-Defroster

Deluxe Trim Features:

  • Smart Chrome Moldings
  • Sculptured Fender-Top Ornaments
  • Three Upholstery Selections
  • Rear Arm Rests and Ash Trays
  • Cigarette Lighter
  • Chrome Horn Ring
  • Automatic Dome Light

Sedan Basic Specifications:

  • Over-all Length —181.1″
  • Over-all Width—70.6″
  • Over-all Height—54.5″
  • Wheelbase—109.5″
  • Curb Weight (approx.)—2-Door 2409 Ib. 4-Door 2446 Ib.
  • Trunk Volume—23.7 cu. ft.

Sedan Color Selections:

Raven Black, Corinthian White. Rangoon Red, Castilian Gold, Glacier Blue, Viking Blue, Oxford Blue, Ming Green, Silver Moss, Sandshell Beige, Heritage Burgundy.

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
2-Door Sedan 64A (bench) 70,630 2,300 $1,985
4-Door Sedan 54A (bench) 62,365 2,337 $2,047

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.