1961 Futura

1961 Falcon Futura Interior

The compact cousin of the Thunderbird. Here’s a brand-new version of America’s favorite compact . . . the new Falcon Futura. Notice the two front seats are separate – and both custom contoured. Futura coloring and trim scheme are exquisite originals, too. Deep-pile carpeting extends wall to wall. Arm rest for everyone add to the enchantment. And look! In Futura, personal effects ride right at your finger tips – elegantly concealed in a sleek console between the front seats. Only the men who designed the Thunderbird could have created this master piece! There are two lively engines to choose from: for extra power there’s Falcon’s zesty new 170 Special. For proven economy – the famous Falcon 144. With this engine and standard transmission a Falcon averaged 32.68 miles per gallon in this years Mobilgas Economy Run . . . the highest mileage ever obtained by a 6- or 8-cylinder car in the 25-year history of the Run! You get these features in Futura – For a price that’s way below other luxury compacts! The new falcon Futura is at your Ford Dealer’s. This is your personal car: see it now!

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
’61 2-Door Futura (bench-seat) 64A 44,470 2,322 $2,162

The above production information has been obtained from various sources and cross-checked when possible. Although it is thought to be reliable, a person considering a Falcon based on its rarity should conduct his or her own research.