1960 Falcon Sedan

1960 Falcon Sedan

Here’s a car that’s sized to handle and park like a “small” car powered to drive in turnpike traffic and climb hills like a “big” car .. . built to save you trouble and money like no other car.

The all-new Falcon Six engine is up front where it does the most good – gives you the safety and stability you need on American roads and in American traffic. Gasoline economy is outstanding. For all the Falcon’s generous six-passenger comfort, big – car convenience and lively performance, it delivers up to 50% more miles per gallon than America’s present best-selling “economy” car . . . and up to 30% better gas mileage than the same maker’s five-passenger model!

The Ford Falcon is designed for easier, quicker lower-cost maintenance, too. Only 4½ quarts of oil “fill ‘er up.” And a Full-Flow Oil Filter (at no extra cost) means 4,000 miles between oil changes. Front fenders are bolted on for easy replacement. The Falcon’s brilliant Diamond Lustre Finish never needs waxing. An aluminized muffler normally lasts twice the life of ordinary types. And major underbody structural members of the Falcon’s new single-unit body construction are zinc-coated by a new process, to protect against rust—better than undercoating.

The Falcon’s single-unit body construction makes possible all this extra bonus in interior space and comfort because bulky frame members are eliminated. More space can be used for passenger room and passenger comfort without sacrificing strength and safety. And no other American manufacturer has had more experience around the world in this type of construction than Ford. Every last inch of the Falcon’s interior is put to use for your personal comfort. You get full hip room, full leg room, full shoulder room, and full hat room. In fact, the Falcon gives you one whole foot more rear seat room than one of America’s best-selling “economy” cars. The luggage compartment is 23 cubic feet—two-weeks -vacation-worth, easy. That’s over twice as much as the two biggest-selling imports combined! Seats are high off the floor so your legs are never cramped. Seat backs are set at a 23° angle for scientifically proved, posture-perfect comfort. And for your extra comfort, there’s an exceptionally generous amount of sound and weather insulation throughout the car.

Designed (and U.S.A. proved) for those who seek a beautifully proportioned new car that seats six with ease, yet is priced far below what you’d expect to pay for a full-size, six-passenger car. Not since cars began, has there been a more exhaustively tested, thoroughly proved new car than the Falcon. After a 3-year and 3-million mile testing and development program, the Falcon gave a final demonstration of its fitness in the Experience Run, U.S.A.

The first Falcons off the production line were sent on a trip covering every last mile of numbered Federal Highways in the country. In order to cover such a tremendous mileage in just 28 days, the cars were run “around the clock.” The years of testing and development, and the miles upon miles the Falcons have traveled on test tracks and during Experience Run, U.S.A., combine to mate the Ford Falcon the world’s most experienced new car!

1960 Falcon Sedan
Falcon Fordor Sedan in Meadowvale Green $1974

The 1960 Ford Falcon was designed to give you more absolute car per dollar than any other car on the market. With its low initial price, its up-to-30 miles per gallon, economy, its fine comfort for six, and its simplified design, it makes ownership inexpensive, driving fun and maintenance easy. One important reason for the Falcon’s peppy performance and excellent gas mileage is low weight . . . the Falcon weighs ¾ ton less than conventional 6-cylinder cars. Independent ball-joint front suspension helps give this Falcon the ride and stability of a much larger car. Brakes have large lining area and require less pedal effort than heavier conventional cars. For those who prefer the convenience arid versatility of an automatic transmission, the new simplified Fordomatic Drive is available at a low price to match the Falcon’s own low price.

You’ll find many a convenience and comfort feature in the Ford Falcons that some of the other cars of similar size just don’t have. The gearshift lever, for instance, is on the steering column, not on the floor where it would limit passenger room. Dual front seat arm rests and sun visors are standard, not extra cost. Instrument panel has standard American controls and dials. If you chose a radio, it will fit in the instrument panel, not hung on beneath it. And the Falcon’s big luggage compartment is attractively insulated and trimmed to protect your luggage.

1960 Falcon Sedan
Falcon Tudor Sedan in Monte Carlo Red $1912

The lower price of this 2-door model makes it an especially fine choice for those who want the most car for a minimum investment. And the doors are four feet wide so that even the rear seat is extra-easy to enter and leave.

You’ll wonder how the Falcons can be priced so low when you see their smartly tailored interiors. They are that elegant. The Moroccan-grained vinyl is noted for its feather-like beauty and toughness. The block pattern, woven plastic cloth is a fine-car touch that will hold its own in any company. Thick foam padding in front seat cushions is an unexpected luxury in a car priced so low. Front seat is raised and lowered automatically as it moves forward and back. Here’s all the room you’ll ever need for shoulders, hips and legs – for six! Everyone and everything goes in the new-size Ford.

1960 Falcon Upholsteries

The 90-hp FALCON SIX that was designed specifically for America’s NEW-SIZE CAR

  • Up to 30 miles per gallon
  • Positioned up front for greater safety and stability
  • Experience-Run-Proved…in town traffic, on superhighways, over hills and mountains
  • Fewer parts…simpler servicing

In the New-size Ford, the Falcon, you get a brand-new, proven six-cylinder engine, designed for low cost and easy servicing. It can deliver up to 50% better gas mileage than even Ford’s famous Mileage Maker Six. The Falcon Six is of dependable cast iron construction. It’s a short-stroke, low piston travel, in-line Six with free-turning overhead valves, wedge-type combustion chambers, 12-volt electrical system. Efficient new intake manifold is cast integrally with the head; it’s lighter, provides better fuel distribution, requires fewer parts and does away with wasteful leaks. Hot water heater gives free heat. (A gas heater, as is frequently used in cars with air-cooled engines, burns up to 10% of the car’s gasoline.) And the Falcon Six is electronically mass-balanced while operating under its own power. You’ll find it smooth and able!

NEW SINGLE-UNIT BODY CONSTRUCTION has high strength to weight advantage
The Falcon’s new single-unit body-and-frame reflects the vast experience of the Ford Motor Company in this type of automotive construction. Beginning with the Lincoln Zephyr in 1936 and including the famous Thunderbird, the world-wide Ford Companies have built more than 20 million cars with single-unit construction. This type construction gives you a big bonus in interior space, because bulky frame structure is eliminated. Pound for pound the body is much stronger than conventional types. Sources of rattles and noise are eliminated. And a special addition in the Falcon is a new zinc* coaling process that galvanizes main underbody structural members to resist rust.

  • Anodized aluminum grille and headlight trim for corrosion resistance
  • Cowl-top ventilator for fresher air
  • Beautifully integrated styling design like that which distinguishes all 1960 Fords
  • Curved windshield, sloping hood for better visibility

Standard Equipment:

  • 3-Speed Transmission
  • Two Sun Visors
  • Two Front Arm Rests
  • Foam-Cushioned Front Seats
  • Glove Compartment
  • Instrument Panel Ash Tray
  • Dome Light
  • Instrument Cluster includes speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge,
    oil and generator warning lights, high-beam and turn signal indicators
  • Two Vacuum-Booster-Operated Windshield Wipers
  • Deep Section Bumpers require no guards
  • Easy-to-clean Rubber Floor Mat
  • Black Lifeguard Steering Wheel

Deluxe Trim Features:

  • Deluxe upholstery combination in blue, green or gray
  • Full-length, bright-metal body side moldings
  • Bright-metal side window moldings (tailgate also on wagons)
  • Tail light trim rings
  • Deluxe Steering Wheel with Chrome horn ring
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Front door courtesy switches for automatic operation of dome light
  • Rear seat ash tray
  • Rear seat arm rests

Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic Transmission………………………..$159.40
  • Fresh Air Heater…………………………………..$67.80
  • Manual Transistorized Radio…………………..$54.05
  • Deluxe Trim & Ornamentation Package…….$65.80
  • Two Tone Paint*………………………………….$16.80
  • Windshield Washer……………………………….$13.70
  • Padded Sun Visors and Instrument Panel…..$19.20
  • Typical Whitewall Tire Option…………………$28.70


*Two Tone Paint Colors available (Upper Color/Lower Color)

  • Corinthian White / Raven Black
  • Corinthian White / Monte Carlo Red
  • Corinthian White / Platinum
  • Corinthian White / Sultana Turquoise
  • Corinthian White / Belmont Blue
  • Corinthian White / Meadowvale Green
  • Raven Black / Platinum
  • Skimist Blue / Belmont Blue
  • Adriatic Green / Meadowvale Green

1960 Falcon Ecterior Color Chart

Falcon specifications:

  • Wheel base – 109.5″
  • Over-all length (Sedan) -181.2″
  • Over-all length (Wagon) -189.0″
  • Over-all height (Sedan) – 54.5″
  • Over-all height (Wagon) – 55.1″
  • Over-all width – 70.6″
  • Effective legroom – 44.6″
  • Effective headroom – 38.9″
  • Water capacity (with heater) – 9.3 quarts
  • Fuel capacity – 14 gallons

Production Numbers:

Model Body Code Units Sold Weight lbs. Price
’60 2-Door Sedan (bench-seat) 64A 193,470 2259 $1,912
’60 4-Door Sedan (bench-seat) 58A 167,896 2288 $1,974